Helpful Graduation Announcements and Graduating Invitations Etiquette for All School GradsWith today's varied and multiple educational options, graduation is a year round season and happening, which means everyone needs to prepared for graduating ceremonies, graduate parties with fancy and not so elegant dinners, and most of all, that all important… Read More

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The very first grilled items would have been those prepared over an open fire by the cavemen. They were probably obtaining burning sticks for the cave fire and were lured to the carcass by the inviting odor of the prepared flesh. In time they would have realized things like: animals were best prepared without the fur, and that meat prepared with sp… Read More

This time of year the traffic is busy, the streets are full, and the speeding cops are also out in full force. Nobody thinks they will be the one to be pulled over, but sometimes you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time and get a speeding ticket. Can you fight it? Here are some winning solutions to do just that.Most people that get traffic… Read More